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             Wednesday 20 March, 2019


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We now have all colors of the JAWBONE PRIME & ICON

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Samsung Micro USB AC Charger Adapter ~ $11.69 

Blackberry Leather Pull Strap ~ $1.69 

Accessories for LG VX8500 Chocolate

LG VX8500 Chocolate
  Antenna & Amplifier Cables Connectors & Crimps   Antennas for Home, Office, Boat & RV
  Bluetooth Car & Wall Chargers   Bluetooth Portable Speakers
  Bluetooth® Car Kit Speakerphones   Bluetooth® Other Products
  Bluetooth® Wireless Mono Headsets   Carry Solutions by Body Glove
  Carry Solutions Cases & Pouches   Cellphone Batteries Only
  Cellphone External Batteries Chargers   Chargers Car & In Vehicle
  Chargers Home, Wall, Travel & International   Connectivity Software CD & Diskettes
  Connectivity USB & Serial Data Cables   Handsfree Attachments & Adapters
  Handsfree Ear Buds & Headsets   Handsfree Stereo Headsets
  Memory MicroSD/Transflash Cards

Antenna & Amplifier Cables Connectors & Crimps
Cellphone-Mate CM-CN-05 N Male to SMA Male Connector RF Adapter Price  $7.99

Antennas for Home, Office, Boat & RV
Cellphone-Mate CM100-S Omni-Directional 5dB Dual Band Antenna Price  $44.99

Bluetooth Car & Wall Chargers
Plantronics 78583-01 MicroUSB Car L Angled Charger Price  $12.69

Bluetooth Portable Speakers
SuperTooth DISCO 004085E Bluetooth Portable A2DP Stereo Speaker Price  $139.99

Bluetooth® Car Kit Speakerphones
Samsung HKT450 Bluetooth Portable Visor Mount Hands-free Speakerphone Price  $59.99

SuperTooth BUDDY 004088E Black Bluetooth Speakerphone Car Kit Price  $69.99

Bluetooth® Other Products
Samsung AEAH350UWEBSTD WEP350 Clear Ear Hook Price  $4.99

Samsung EH650WEBSTD OEM Clear Replacement Ear Hook for WEP650 Price  $5.99

Samsung EH750WEBSTD OEM Clear Replacement Ear Hook for WEP750 WEP850 Price  $5.99

Bluetooth® Wireless Mono Headsets
Samsung BHM1000JBACSTA HM1000 Black Bluetooth Headset Price  $21.99

Samsung AWEP570PBECSTA WEP570 Black Bluetooth Headset Price  $39.99

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset HBH-PV712 in Retail Package Price  $34.99

Sony Ericsson HBH-IV835 DSP Black Bluetooth Headset Price  $48.99

Carry Solutions by Body Glove
Body Glove 9063701 LG VX8500 Chocolate Cellsuit Case Price  $9.99

Body Glove 9080401 Small Black Universal Case Price  $16.99

Body Glove 9082702 Universal Cell Suit Case Price  $19.99

Carry Solutions Cases & Pouches
LG MBAC000125 EVA Case w. Clip Price  $16.99

LG MBAC0001250 LG Chocolate Universal Vertical Case w. Red Stripe Price  $19.99

LG MBAC0001252 Chocolate VX8500 Leather Case w Belt Clip Price  $12.99

Cellphone Batteries Only
LG SBPL0083705 LGLI-AGKL Extended Red OEM Battery for Chocolate VX8500 Price  $13.99

LG SBPL0083707 LGLI-AGKL Extended Pink OEM Battery Chocolate VX8500 Price  $23.99

LG SBPL0091001 LGLI-AHDL Extended Black OEM Battery VX8550 Chocolate Price  $13.99

LG SBPL0091002 LGLI-AHDL Extended OEM Battery for VX8550 Chocolate Price  $9.99

LG SBPP0017001 SPB DC060908 Standard OEM Battery for VX8500 Chocolate Price  $29.99

LG SBPP0017002 LLL DC081024 Standard Black OEM Battery for VX8500 Price  $13.99

LG SBPP0017007 LGLP-AGKM Standard Pink OEM Battery VX8500 Chocolate Price  $17.99

Cellphone External Batteries Chargers
MiLi HB-B20 Iron Gray 2000mAh Power Miracle Ext Battery Power Bank Price  $49.99

Chargers Car & In Vehicle
LG Car DC Charger Adapter for CU515 CU575 CU720 CU915- CLC-120W Price  $8.99

LG CLA-120 / SGCC0002911 Car Charger for Chocolate VX8500 CLA-120 Price  $8.99

LG CLA-200 / SGCC0003301 Vehicle Car Charger for LG VX8500 VX9900 Price  $7.99

Chargers Home, Wall, Travel & International
LG STA-P51WD SSAD0020901 Travel Wall Charger for Chocolate VX8500 Price  $9.99

Connectivity Software CD & Diskettes
Verizon MSKLG18PINXPV V Cast Music Essentials Kit for LG VX8600 VX8700 Price  $11.99

Connectivity USB & Serial Data Cables
LG SGDY0010901 USB Data Cable for LG Chocolate, Rumor Price  $6.99

Handsfree Attachments & Adapters
LG SGDY0010801 VX8500 VX8600 TRAX Multi Adapter Price  $9.99

Handsfree Ear Buds & Headsets
LG SGEY0003610 Chocolate Stereo Headset Price  $10.99

Verizon DSB-50002 LG Chocolate VX8500 VX9900 VX8600 Stereo Headset Price  $6.99

Handsfree Stereo Headsets
LG SGEY0003610 Chocolate Stereo Headset w. On & Off Button for VX8500 Price  $24.99

Memory MicroSD/Transflash Cards
Sandisk SDSDQ-1024-A11 1GB MicroSD Memory Kit w. miniSD & SD Adapters Price  $10.67

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