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We carry a wide range of Mobile Wireless Amplifiers/Repeaters for PCS frequencies that could be used for Verizon Wireless, Cingular/AT&T, Alltel, T-Mobile and Sprint cell phones or cellular data cards.

The amplifier works with two antennas (sold separately): one antenna communicates with the cell site (the outside antenna) and the other communicates with your cell phone or laptop data card (the inside antenna). Certain models might include an inside antenna. Please sell individual item description for details.

The outside antenna will collect the outside signal and send it through a cable(sold seperately) to the amplifier. The signal is then boosted and sent through a cable to the inside antenna, which communicates with your cell phone or data card. When the cell phone or data card transmits, the inside antenna picks up the signal and sends it to the amplifier where it is boosted and sent through the outside antenna to the cell site.

The advantage of the wireless Amplifiers over the Direct Connect types are:

  • No direct connections to phone required allowing you to walk freely during a call
  • No messy wiring and hook up to your phone connector that might be damaged with prolong use
  • Allows multiple cell phones and cellular data cards to be used simultaneously

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    SureCall Force5 3G - 4G Five-Band Adjustable Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for Large Buildings - SC-PolyO72ODKIT - Outside Omni and inside Dome Antenna

    Make SureCall
    Price $3,510.00


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