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MobileAction MA8032P USB Fone Data Suite

Brand : MobileAction
MPN # : MA-8032P

Retail Price  $39.99
Our Price  $16.99

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Product Includes

- Handset Manager software CD
- USB data cable
- Both are compatible for LG Verizon VX4650 VX4700 VX5200 VX6100 VX8000 VX8100 VX9800

Product Description

The retail package contains a Handset Manager software CD and a high quality USB interface data cable. This world’s most popular Data Suite has the most powerful features and supports the most extensive mobile phone brands and models. It enriches and backups user’s mobile contents, provides mobile internet access and works optionally as a power charger.

This is a software and hardware 2-in-1 solution designed to maximize the functions of cell phone. Cell phone data can be easily managed on a PC and synchronized back to your cell phone. Includes 500 Ringtones, 700 Logos + 100 Polyphonic Ringtones.

With Handset Manager, a cell phone user can have total control accessing, editing, round-trip data sending, and personalizing over phone book, calendar, pre-stored SMS messages for the convenience of business, communication, and fun. In addition, users are able to enjoy new and enhanced functions like

Fone Data Suite can manage data in over 10 languages including Arabic, Chinese (Taiwan), Chinese (China), Czech and Slavic Languages, Dutch, English, German, Greek, French, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, Spanish.

Product Specification

BI-way up/download phonebook between PC and mobile.
Edit/Update phone numbers and text entries.
BI-way Import and Export CSV format phone book file, *.csv, used by popular e-mail engines (i.e. MS Outlook and Outlook Express) between mobile phone and PC.

Append personal signature behind short messages.
Store frequently-defined SMS text in SIM card.
Send various formats of short messages. I.e. text, ringtone, graphic to supportive phones.

Paint and design graphical logo to be displayed.

Animation Composer
Compose animation with still images and edit frame by frame.

Compose ringtone in midi composer.
Import ringtones from outside source.

Audio Composer
Import, record, edits, and mix audio files then save in different formats.

Set up dates to remember and alert alarm.

Attach Picture or Melody to messages, allowing up to 10 standard sound effects or midi files to go with a message.

Compose multimedia animated messages with pictures, graphic, and sound.
File Manager Like the Windows Explorer, File Manager allows drag and drop file moving between cell and computer.

Please note:
Some functions may not activated if not supported by the mobile phone

Additional Specifications:
  • RS232: Microsoft Windows 95/95OSR2, 98/98SE, NT, ME, 2000, XP
  • USB: Microsoft Windows 98/98SE, ME, 2000, XP
  • Maximum transfer speed: 1.5M bps.
  • Mobile phone connection: 115.2k bps
  • Regulatory compliance: FCC approval, CE marking, C-Tick

  • Product Compatibility
    LG Electronics
      LG AX245   LG AX355   LG AX390
      LG AX4270   LG AX4750   LG AX490
      LG AX5000   LG KE600   LG KG200
      LG KG300   LG KG330   LG LX325
      LG LX350   LG LX535   LG LX5450
      LG LX550 Fusic   LG LX5550   LG M4300
      LG M4410   LG Migo   LG MM535
      LG P7200   LG PM225   LG PM325
      LG UX210   LG UX355   LG UX390
      LG UX4750   LG UX5000   LG VI125
      LG VX3200   LG VX3300   LG VX3400
      LG VX3450   LG VX4270   LG VX4650
      LG VX4700   LG VX4750   LG VX5200
      LG VX5300   LG VX6000   LG VX6100
      LG VX7000   LG VX8000   LG VX8100
      LG VX8300   LG VX9800
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