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Blackberry HDW-13019-003 Pearl 2.5mm White Stereo Headset

Brand : Blackberry
MPN # : HDW-13019-003
UPC : 813380010442

Retail Price  $29.99
Our Price  $6.99

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Product Includes

- Blackberry Pearl White Stereo Headset HDW-13019-003

Product Description

Talk on the phone, watch video clips, play games or listen to songs with a Blackberry Pearl White Stereo Headset HDW-13019-003 optimized for your Blackberry® Pearl™ 8100™ smartphone. Lightweight and comfortable, the Blackberry Stereo Headset is designed to cut out wind and background noise to ensure great sound quality when you are on the go.

Product Specification

This headset features an easy-to-use control button, so you can answer, end or mute phone calls and pause or play music, all with a single touch. Additional controls on your smartphone allow you to rewind, fast forward, skip between songs, change volume and more.

  • Make phone calls or listen to audio files on your Blackberry Pearl
  • 2.5mm headset jack
  • Conveniently located one-button control for:
  • answering, ending and muting phone calls
  • playing and pausing music
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Part # HDW-13019-003

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    Blackberry HDW-13019-003 Pearl 2.5mm White Stereo Headset
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    Product Compatibility
      Blackberry 6210   Blackberry 6280   Blackberry 6510
      Blackberry 6710   Blackberry 6750   Blackberry 7100
      Blackberry 7100G   Blackberry 7100r   Blackberry 7100t
      Blackberry 7100v   Blackberry 7100x   Blackberry 7105t
      Blackberry 7130c   Blackberry 7130e   Blackberry 7130g
      Blackberry 7210   Blackberry 7230   Blackberry 7250
      Blackberry 7280   Blackberry 7290   Blackberry 7510
      Blackberry 7520   Blackberry 7730   Blackberry 7750
      Blackberry 7780   Blackberry 8100 Pearl   Blackberry 8100c Pearl
      Blackberry 8700c   Blackberry 8700g   Blackberry 8703e
      Blackberry 8800   BlackBerry 8820   Blackberry 8830
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