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Sandisk SDSDQ-1024-A11 1GB MicroSD Memory Kit w. miniSD & SD Adapters

Brand : Sandisk
MPN # : SDSDQ-1024-A11
UPC : 810884007374

Retail Price  $29.99
Our Price  $10.67

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Product Includes

- Sandisk 1 GB Micro SD Card
- Mini SD Card Adapter
- SD Card Adapter (Micro to SD)

Product Description

Store everything you need on a single memory card without having to worry about whether it will fit your other devices. This 1GB micro SD SDSDQ-1024-A11 card comes with a Mini SD and a full SD adapter so it will in a variety of devices.

Product Specification

- Compatible with any phone that utilizes SD cards and permits 1GB storage.

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Sandisk SDSDQ-1024-A11 1GB MicroSD Memory Kit w. miniSD & SD Adapters
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Product Compatibility
  Blackberry 8100c Pearl   Blackberry 8800   Blackberry 8830
  Kyocera W43K
LG Electronics
  LG CE500   LG CU320   LG CU400
  LG CU500   LG CU515   LG KE600
  LG KE800   LG KE820   LG KE850 Prada
  LG KG200   LG KG300   LG KG330
  LG KG920   LG KS10   LG KU800
  LG LX550 Fusic   LG P7200   LG Shine Keg70
  LG Venus   LG VX8500 Chocolate   LG VX8500 Chocolate (Mint)
  LG VX8500 Chocolate (White)   LG VX8500 Chocolate Red   LG VX8550 Chocolate Dark Red
  LG VX8600   LG VX8700   LG VX9400
  LG VX9800   LG VX9900 EnV
  Motorola A1000   Motorola A1010   Motorola A1200 Ming
  Motorola A630   Motorola A780   Motorola A910
  Motorola C980   Motorola E1000   Motorola E1060
  Motorola E1070   Motorola E1120   Motorola E398
  Motorola E770   Motorola E815   Motorola E895
  Motorola Franklin RAZR   Motorola KRZR Blue   Motorola KRZR K1 Black (Unlocked)
  Motorola KRZR K1 Blue   Motorola KRZR K1 Silver (Unlocked)   Motorola KRZR K3
  Motorola MOTO Q™ 9c   Motorola MOTORIZR Z6tv   Motorola MPX220
  Motorola MPX300   Motorola MS-400   Motorola MS-550
  Motorola MS-600   Motorola PEBL U6   Motorola Q(TM)
  Motorola Q9h   Motorola Razor 2 V9m   Motorola RAZR V3
  Motorola RAZR V3 Black (Unlocked)   Motorola RAZR V3 Black Cingular   Motorola RAZR V3 Blue
  Motorola RAZR V3 OEM Silver   Motorola RAZR V3 Pink   Motorola RAZR V3 T-Mobile
  Motorola RAZR V3i   Motorola RAZR V3x   Motorola RAZR V3xx
  Motorola RAZR V6 Maxx   Motorola RAZR2 V9   Motorola ROKR E1
  Motorola SLVR L7   Motorola SLVR L7e   Motorola SLVR L9
  Motorola SLVR V8   Motorola V100   Motorola v360
  Motorola V361   Motorola v635   Motorola V710
  Motorola V80   Motorola V975   Motorola V980
  Motorola W510
  Nokia 3109   Nokia 3110   Nokia 3110 Classic
  Nokia 3120   Nokia 3120 Classic   Nokia 3250
  Nokia 3300   Nokia 3300 (unlocked)   Nokia 3500
  Nokia 3500 Classic   Nokia 3600 Slide   Nokia 3650
  Nokia 3650 (unlocked)   Nokia 3660   Nokia 5200
  Nokia 5300   Nokia 5310   Nokia 5320
  Nokia 5500   Nokia 5610   Nokia 5700
  Nokia 6085   nokia 6085 pink   Nokia 6086
  Nokia 6110 Navigator   Nokia 6120   Nokia 6125
  Nokia 6131   Nokia 6136   Nokia 6151
  Nokia 6230   Nokia 6233   Nokia 6234
  Nokia 6267   Nokia 6270   Nokia 6275
  Nokia 6280   Nokia 6288   Nokia 6290
  Nokia 6300   Nokia 6300i   Nokia 6315i
  Nokia 6500 Slide   Nokia 6550   Nokia 6555
  Nokia 6600   Nokia 6600 fold   Nokia 6600 slide
  Nokia 6630   Nokia 6680   Nokia 6681
  Nokia 6682   Nokia 7210 Supernova   Nokia 7310 Supernova
  Nokia 7373   Nokia 7390   Nokia 7500
  Nokia 7610   Nokia 7705 Twist   Nokia 7710
  Nokia 9290   Nokia 9300   Nokia 9500
  Nokia E50   Nokia E51   Nokia E60
  Nokia E61   Nokia E61i   Nokia E62
  Nokia E63   Nokia E65   Nokia E70
  Nokia E71   Nokia E90   Nokia N-Gage
  Nokia N70   Nokia N71   Nokia N73
  Nokia N75   Nokia N76   Nokia N80
  Nokia N81   Nokia N810   Nokia N82
  Nokia N90   Nokia N93   Nokia N95
PalmOne TREO
  Handspring Treo™ 600   Handspring Treo™ 650   Handspring Treo™ 680
  Handspring Treo™ 700p   Handspring Treo™ 700w   Handspring Treo™ Centro 690 (b)
  Samsung A503 Drift   Samsung A707 Sync   Samsung A930
  Samsung A950   Samsung A970   Samsung A990
  Samsung B300   Samsung B330   Samsung B380
  Samsung D550   Samsung D600   Samsung D820
  Samsung D830   Samsung D840   Samsung D848
  Samsung D900   Samsung D908   Samsung E250
  Samsung E390   Samsung E480   Samsung E490
  Samsung E570   Samsung E590   Samsung E690
  Samsung E740   Samsung E770   Samsung E830
  Samsung E840   Samsung E890   Samsung E898
  Samsung E900   Samsung F300   Samsung F500
  Samsung F510   Samsung F520   Samsung F700
  Samsung i300   Samsung i300x   Samsung i310
  Samsung i320N   Samsung i520   Samsung i600
  Samsung i607 Blackjack   Samsung i710   Samsung i760 Robin
  Samsung M500   Samsung M610   Samsung P850
  Samsung P920   Samsung P930   Samsung P940
  Samsung S500i   Samsung S501i   Samsung T609
  Samsung T629   Samsung U510   Samsung U520
  Samsung U600   Samsung U620   Samsung U700 Gleam
  Samsung U960 ROGUE   Samsung X520   Samsung X700
  Samsung X810   Samsung Z300   Samsung Z370
  Samsung Z400   Samsung Z500   Samsung Z550
  Samsung Z620   Samsung Z650i   Samsung Z700
  Samsung Z710   Samsung Z720   Samsung ZV30
  Samsung ZV40   Samsung ZV50   Samsung ZX20
  Sharp 705SH   Sharp 770SH   Sharp 810SH
Sony Ericsson
  Sony Ericsson U1i SATIO (Idou)
  T-Mobile Dash   T-Mobile MDA   T-Mobile MDA Vario II
  Toshiba 811T   Toshiba 910T
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