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Motorola SKN6311 USB Data Cable for V300 V60 T720

Brand : Motorola
MPN # : SKN6311
UPC : 646444541664

Retail Price  $14.99
Our Price  $4.99

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Product Includes

- Motorola SKN6311 USB Data Cable

Product Description

Motorola SKN6311 USB Data Cable, when used with Motorola TrueSync software (sold separately) will allow you access your contacts, PC data, the Internet and e-mail!.Macintosh operating systems can Now use iSync and this SKN6311 cable with very limited models of cell phones, found at iSync. Compatible with V60 V60i V60c V60g V60t V66 V70 V70g V120 V120t V120c V120e V120x V200 V300 V400 V600 cell phones plus the Timeport P270c P280g T720 T720c T720g T720i T720ti T721 and more.

Product Specification

  • Sync Contacts to PC
  • Manage Photos, Music and other Files (Software sold separately)
  • USB Connection
  • Part #: SKN6311

    PLEASE NOTE: NOT V60v or NEXTEL compatible. USB connectivity is supported on Windows 98SE, 2000, ME and XP. USB is NOT supported on Windows 95, 98 First Edition, NT 4.0. Motorola SKN6311 USB data cable is NOT supported by Futuredial when used on their Snapsync, SnapMedia, or Snapdialer software, HOWEVER it DOES work on COM port #5 when using FutureDial software.

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    Motorola SKN6311 USB Data Cable for V300 V60 T720
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    Product Compatibility
      Motorola A630   Motorola A845   Motorola C343
      Motorola C980   Motorola E1000   Motorola E1070
      Motorola E310   Motorola E398   Motorola E815
      Motorola MPX220   Motorola ROKR E1   Motorola T300p
      Motorola T720   Motorola T720i   Motorola T721
      Motorola T722   Motorola T722i   Motorola T725
      Motorola T730   Motorola Timeport 280   Motorola Timeport™ 270c
      Motorola V120c   Motorola V120e   Motorola V120t
      Motorola V200   Motorola V260   Motorola V262
      Motorola V265   Motorola v266   Motorola v276
      Motorola V300   Motorola v330   Motorola V400
      Motorola V500   Motorola V501   Motorola v505
      Motorola V525   Motorola V535   Motorola V540
      Motorola V547   Motorola V551   Motorola V555
      Motorola V557   Motorola V60 color   Motorola v600
      Motorola V60c   Motorola V60g   Motorola V60g (unlocked)
      Motorola V60i   Motorola V60i (CDMA)   Motorola V60i (unlocked)
      Motorola v60P   Motorola v60s   Motorola V60t
      Motorola V60v   Motorola V60X   Motorola V620
      Motorola v635   Motorola v65p   Motorola V66
      Motorola V66 (unlocked)   Motorola V66i   Motorola V70
      Motorola V70 (unlocked)   Motorola V80   Motorola v810
      Motorola V975   Motorola V980
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