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Wilson 801215 Signal Boost Dual Band Inline Amp w/Cell Phone Cradle

Brand : Wilson Electronics
MPN # : 801215

Retail Price  $419.99
Our Price  $304.99

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Product Includes

- 801201 Bi-Directional Dual-Band (800MHz/1900MHz) Amplifier
- 301146 Wilson Cellular Cell Phone Cradle Plus (with Antenna Connection)
- 12V DC Power Adapter (Car Charger)

Product Description

The Wilson Cellular SIGNALBOOST (inline) Bi-directional Amplifier improves RF coverage in areas with no signal or low signal strength. The unit amplifies both 800MHz and 1900MHz cellular and PCS signals providing up to 3 Watts of output power on the 800MHz band and 2 Watts of output power on the 1900MHz (PCS) Band.

Product Specification

Works with all Cellular/PCS Service Providers except iDEN (Nextel/Southern LINC/Mike) and 1700MHz AWS (T-Mobile US 3G)

  • Compatible with all cell phones
  • Significantly improves voice and data signal quality
  • Receives and transmits better than your cell phone
  • Extends cell phone battery times
  • Maximum 3 Watts Output Power on 800MHz
  • Maximum 2 Watts Output Power on 1900MHz
  • Compatible with all Cellular/PCS Carriers and technology (GSM/GPRS, CDMA, TDMA, AMPS/Analog) except iDEN (Nextel, Southern LINC, Mike)
  • Passes TIA/EIA-98-E transmit tests for evaluating CDMA Cellular Phones
  • Power Control Logic ensures Maximum Output Power is within Cellular Standards
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Can be Used in a Fixed or Mobile Application
  • FCC and IC Type Accepted

    Part Number: 801215
    Frequency: 824-894MHz, 1850-1990MHz
    Gain (up/down): 40dB / 45dB
    Linear Output Power: +30dBm
    Max Output Power: 3 Watts (Cell Site Controlled)
    Max RF (up/down): +35dBm / +10dBm
    Noise Figure (down): 3dB Nominal
    Flatness: +/- 4dB
    Isolation: > 90dB
    Power Consumption: 6V, 0.5A - 1.5A (subject to Uplink Power)
    Connectors: FME Male, 50 Ohms
    Dimensions: 4.5 * 3.5 * 1.25 (inch)
    Weight: 1.5 lbs

    Compatible With: All US Cellular/PCS carriers except iDEN carriers such as Nextel, SouthernLinc, Mike (Canada). iDEN users should use the 3 Watt Direct Connection Amplifier for Nextel/iDEN. Not Compatible with 1700MHz AWS (T-Mobile US 3G)

    Compatible carriers include: Verizon, AT&T GSM/GPRS/TDMA, Cingular, Alltel, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile (850MHz, 1900MHz), Cellular One, US Cellular, Midwest Wireless, Qwest, etc

    Ideal for use with car kits requiring an external antenna. Adapter may be required to connect to your particular car kit.

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