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             Sunday 29 March, 2015


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Samsung Micro USB AC Charger Adapter ~ $11.69 

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CCM TC 24148 Samsung M300 M520 U470 Z400 Expert Travel Charger

Brand : CCM
MPN # : TC 24148

Retail Price  $14.99
Our Price  $5.99

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Product Includes

- CCM CM TC 24148 Samsung M300 M520 U470 Z400 Expert Travel Charger

Product Description

Affordable and lightweight, this CCM AC Rapid Travel Charger CM TC 24148 for your cellular phone is perfect for home or the office. Just plug it into any handy outlet to quickly charge your Cell Phone battery. Conveniently pocket-sized, this unit eliminates the need to carry around bulky charging units.

Product Specification


  • Recharges Your Battery
  • Charges Safely and Rapidly


  • Input: AC90-240V 50/60HZ
  • Advanced Rapid Charging
  • Smart Chip Technology
  • Compact Size

    Compatible with:

    Samsung: Armani P520, DM-S105, Helio Fin, i780, J700, miCoach, Mysto, SCH-i770 Saga, SCH-i910 Omnia, SCH-R200, SCH-R210 Spex, SCH-R300, SCH-R400, SCH-R410 Metro PCS, SCH-R430 MyShot, SCH-R450 Messager, SCH-R500, SCH-R500 Hue, SCH-R550 JetSet, SCH-R600 Hue II, SCH-R610 Cricket, SCH-R800 Delve, SCH-U310 Knack, SCH-U430, SCH-U470 Juke, SCH-U650 Sway, SCH-U700 Gleam, SCH-U706 Muse, SCH-U810 Renown, SCH-U900 FlipShot, SCH-U940 Glyde, SGH-U900 Soul, SGH-A117, SGH-A127, SGH-A137, SGH-A226, SGH-A227, SGH-A237, SPH-A513, SGH-A517, SGH-A637, SGH-A736, SGH-A737, SGH-A747 SLM, SGH-A767 Propel, SGH-A777, SGH-A827 Access, SGH-A837 Rugby, SGH-A867 Eternity, SGH-F200, SGH-F210, SGH-F490, SGH-F700, SGH-G600, SGH-G800, SGH-i450, SGH-i617 BlackJack II, SGH-i640, SGH-i900, SGH-I907 Epix, SGH-L760, SGH-T109, SGH-T229, SGH-T339, SGH-T409, SGH-T429, SGH-T439, SGH-T459 Gravity, SGH-T539 Beat, SGH-T639, SGH-T729 Blast, SGH-T739 Katalyst, SGH-T819, SGH-T919 Behold, SGH-T929 Memoir, Slash, Solid, SPH-A513, SPH-A523, SPH-i325 Ace, SPH-M300, SPH-M305, SPH-M310, SPH-M510, SPH-M520, SPH-M800 Instinct, SPH-Z400

  • Product Compatibility
      Samsung A117 Helio   Samsung A127   Samsung A137
      Samsung A237 Black   Samsung A237 Red   Samsung A517
      Samsung A523   Samsung A737 Blue   Samsung A737 Lime
      Samsung A737 Orange   Samsung A737 Red   Samsung A747 SLM
      Samsung A767 Propel   Samsung A827 Access   Samsung F700
      Samsung i325   Samsung i617 Blackjack II   Samsung M300
      Samsung M510   Samsung M520   Samsung M800 Instinct
      Samsung R200   Samsung R500 Hue   Samsung R610
      Samsung S105   Samsung t229   Samsung T339
      Samsung t409   Samsung t429   Samsung T439
      Samsung T639   Samsung T729 Blast   Samsung T739 Katalyst
      Samsung T819   Samsung U430   Samsung U470 JUKE
      Samsung U470 JUKE Blue   Samsung U470 JUKE Red   Samsung U700 Gleam
      Samsung U900   Samsung U940 Glide   Samsung Z400
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